the day before… a story about the mountains

They’ve been right next to me since my early years. All that mattered most in my life has always happened there. Time…boundless time spent among peaks and valleys. Time measured by the crunching of skis, the rustling of ski lifts, by the limitless silence and wild howling of the wind. The sensation of warm spring sunshine and cold that freezes not only the body but, also, mind. I’ve never been so cold as there.

White snowflakes slowly circling in the wind.

White whiteness.

Snowy snowness.

A cold spectrum of colours, from icy whites, blues through the whole range of greys to the darkest black – grief. Was I scared of them? No, but I’ve always respected them. They’ve grown into me to become an inseparable part of my personality.

Until a day came that changed everything. A part of me died, my world split into what had been before and after it. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the Mountains. There I found strength and peace.

The day before is a story of My Mountains, my own memories taken from the heart, processed through the prism of feelings, where stories and life experiences can be found in the texture of a painting. There wind blows on the pages and you can feel warm sunshine in the paintings. Black has the depth of experienced moments and grey glistens in the shades of dirty spring snow… in these paintings there’s everything that I’ve found in the mountains, my every feeling, every piece of me.

Come and have a glimpse into My World.