My painting is a story of searching for myself “…ever since I can remember, gates and windows recurred in my childhood drawings … they came individually or in groups, drawn on a piece of paper, in notebooks, on the margins of the books I read … like a mantra coming from the depths of my consciousness, the urge to get out, to get through and to find the door leading me to my own “self”.

In my art, I’m primarily interested in the man. Not necessarily to be shown explicitly, but rather through his or her choices and its consequences. That’s why my paintings are often an art story about the world around us, places and what happened there, quietly told by the contrast of light and shadows.

In my art, large-format paintings and murals co-exist alongside quick drafts and miniatures. Understated works telling interesting stories are accompanied by strong textured giants. Picking a medium and format I try to accentuate the subject I’m working on.

In my art, I utilize various media to create photo series depicting closed worlds, participate in international conferences where I show my original projects, but first and foremost I paint.