My painting is a story of searching for myself “…ever since I can remember, gates and windows recurred in my childhood drawings … they came individually or in groups, drawn on a piece of paper, in notebooks, on the margins of the books I read … like a mantra coming from the depths of my consciousness, the urge to get out, to get through and to find the door leading me to my own “self”.


To Move Mountains – Beata Zuba’s Painting – Krystyna Czerni

the day before… a story about the mountains – Beata Zuba

Beata Zuba – a modern woman? A Renaissance woman? A skiing champion or a magician of painting? – Oksana Lubowiecka on behalf of the Skiing Brotherhood

„Freedom for me is painting” – interview with Beata Zuba in the series „Interview with an Artist” by Ewa Mencer Artystyczne spojrzenie

A sketch on Beata Zuba’s painting – Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik Director of International Cultural Centre in Kraków 2018

A few words about Beata Zuba’s painting – Prof. Zbigniew Bajek, Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków 2017