Beata Zuba – a modern woman? A Renaissance woman? A skiing champion or a magician of painting?

Beata has it all.

We were brought together by the mountains and passion for skiing. She was the only one who during hard gate training runs could notice rainbows, unusual fog or light falling down on the peaks. She spotted tiny details and never ceased to be amazed by the beauty of the mountains. Even then she kept repeating that one day she would make her childhood dream come true and start painting.

Her photos from our trips were different than any other. She knew how to capture that something – the beauty and majesty of the mountains.

An excellent and resolute competitive skier, successful in Amateur Poland Championships. Full of artistic flair, but focused at the start and going for a win.

Mountains are everything for Beata – a place where she has experienced her greatest but also the most tragic moments. In 2015, her beloved husband had a serious skiing accident. Then we saw a completely different face of Beata. Exceptionally strong, focused, and fighting for her husband’s life.

She won! She won as a loving and caring wife. As Mother who always supports her two sons – great skiers. She won as a sportswoman. And now she is Winning as an artist – a painter.

When she started her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, none of us, skiers, could even think that after years we would meet here, in this extraordinary exhibition about mountains. About Beata’s mountains. About our shared mountains.

Who is Beata for us, you may ask?

She’s a True Friend.

Signed by:
Skiing Brotherhood